In Mindframe Arena, your game characters are called Tecs. You manage a group of 5 called a faction. Over time, you can build up a pool of Tecs and change your faction for new opponents or levels. One of the key skills in the game is learning which Tec to use in certain situations. Each Tec has a direct (power bar) and indirect (spell) capability. They use their power bar in challenges which are direct confrontations. Their spell can be used from a distance which makes them strategically important. So a good player need to have a balanced faction for each game.

The core of the game revolves around collecting, upgrading and using Tecs to progress through the game world.  There are 8 tiers ranging from entry level Tecs to powerful specialised ones. A new player will start with some Civic Tec and move on from there.


  • Civic
  • Active
  • Fighter
  • Combat
  • Mystic
  • Advanced
  • Prime

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