Mindframe Arena on Unity Connect

We use the Unity game engine to build Mindframe Arena. Though it has its quirks, we are big fans of Unity for indie and mobile game development. While it’s powerful editor and inbuilt physics are great, we think its best feature is the support and training provided. Games are complicated pieces of software and, without help, it can take a long time to master even the minimum skills required to make a basic game. Unity’s support ecosystem (tutorials, docs, forums, etc) is the one of the best out there for new game developers. They provide a good introduction to using the game engine and the C# programming language. One caveat for students though; it is not a substitute for properly learning a programming language. Unity uses C# as a scripting language and for computer science students, it would be important to know the fundamentals of the language outside of Unity. Aside from that, it is an ideal engine for solo or small teams.

Unity knows most of their developers are the smaller guys n gals. As such, they are good at helping game devs promoting their games. MadeWithUnity.com was their previous portal for developers to showcase their games. Now they have Unity Connect. Here you can show off your game projects or your work in general e.g. if you are looking to get hired.

We have setup a Mindframe Arena project on Unity Connect – check it out and say hello if you are already on Connect !


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