Tec Spells

Each Tec has a default spell. In time, certain Tecs may have more than one spell. The spells are related to the personality of each Tec. You can play the game without using spells but you probably won’t win 😊. For experienced players, spells are vital in developing winning strategies, particularly when encounter more powerful Tecs.

There are two types of spells;

  • Offensive
  • Defensive

Defensive spells can only be cast on your own Tecs. They are used to heal or help a Tecs. Likewise, offensive (or attack) spell can only be used on opposing Tecs – hey why would you want to attack your own faction??

A spell is cast by dragging it onto an opposing Tec. Most spells can be cast from anywhere on the board – a big advantage for less powerful Tecs.  After you cast a spell, your turn end immediately ends.





Mindframe Arena: The Challenge Arena

To challenge an opponent on the game board, you need to right beside them e.g. beside or above them. The walkway between you will turn to red and the challenge icon will appear. If you tap it, your Tec and the opposing Tec are brought to the challenge arena. In the area, the 2 Tecs are pitted against each other using their power bars. The challenge occurs automatically once started e.g. the player has not input. So, it is important for players to challenge Tecs that are the same or weaker than theirs so they have a chance of winning.

In the arena, both Tec’s power bards are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Two pointers automatically move randomly along the bars. After a few seconds, they stop. Whoever has the highest attack values wins. If both have the same (and it is not 0), both are knocked off the board. If both have 0 (miss), it is a draw and nothing happens to them.


Every Tec has a power bar. It represents their attack strengths (3 possible) and also the likelihood of that strength being selected. The longer the width of a particular strength, the higher the probability it might be selected. You can check an opponent’s power bar before entering a challenge. As you get more powerful Tecs, they will have stronger power bars. Note a power bar can be affected by spells.

It is a good tactic to use a spell on a Tec before challenging them!


In Mindframe Arena, your game characters are called Tecs. You manage a group of 5 called a faction. Over time, you can build up a pool of Tecs and change your faction for new opponents or levels. One of the key skills in the game is learning which Tec to use in certain situations. Each Tec has a direct (power bar) and indirect (spell) capability. They use their power bar in challenges which are direct confrontations. Their spell can be used from a distance which makes them strategically important. So a good player need to have a balanced faction for each game.

The core of the game revolves around collecting, upgrading and using Tecs to progress through the game world.  There are 8 tiers ranging from entry level Tecs to powerful specialised ones. A new player will start with some Civic Tec and move on from there.


  • Civic
  • Active
  • Fighter
  • Combat
  • Mystic
  • Advanced
  • Prime

Early Game Design

When you start out making a game, it is all in your head. Bit by bit, you get it written and visualised. Eventually you start to make it. This was one of our early concepts designs for choosing your Tecs. It shows a traditional attack and defense value mechanic. This is something that we abandoned quickly as it did not suit the game style. Also there were different levels of characters (Tecs). This is still in the game but is less obvious from a progression point of view. You can also see here the card influence. Again this has changed from the original design where there is now less emphasis on viewing the Tecs as cards. 

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