Smart Kids Play Video Games

Who would believe it?

A new Australian study has found a potential link between computer games and high performing academic students.  The study examined the gaming activities of over 12,000 high school students (15-year olds). It found that those who played computer games scored above average in both maths and science. Obviously, the research could not conclusively prove that playing computer games was the only factor in their higher scores. It could be that smart kids like to play video games. Also, the study did not indicate what types of video games the teenage study group were playing.

Some studies have shown that some types of computer games are better than others at getting children to think creatively and problem solve.

In particular, board games have been shown to improve children's spatial numerical understanding.  Playing board games has also been tied to improving children's cognitive processes, including and include planning, reasoning and problem solving

As with any playtime activity, it is important that children do not spend too much time on any one activity. Computer games can be addictive so it important that children’s playtime is monitored.

Overall, the research shows that moderate computer game playing (particularly board games) can be beneficial for a child’s development.


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