Dev Video 1 – An introduction

Welcome to the first in a series of the videos about our new game Mindframe Arena.

So, we're going to do a bunch of videos just covering somewhere development and design approaches in my Mindframe Arena. Today we are going to kick off with a quick overview of our development setup and what we used to make the game

We use Adobe Animate (previously Flash) for our visual design work and we use it as you can see here to design a lot of our user interfaces. We're using it for years and find it really good for designing 2D games

When we started on the game, we decided to do a basic game design doc - as the game evolved we discovered do we need is a more comprehensive can design document.  I know a lot of people talk about agile development and that and you don't really need documentation. From my experience if your game is reasonably complex and has a lot of data, you do need a GDD, particularly if there's more than one or two people working on it

The GDD does get out of date but it really helped to solve a lot of issues in the beginning about some core gameplay mechanics and how things worked

With this game, we developed our own backend for the game. We use Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (an Amazon Web Services platform) as our team has a background in web development and PHP. We found it easier for ourselves to basically write her own backend system for managing the meta-game, user registration and a few other backend services.

Watch the video for the full transcript!

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