Game User Interface Design – Information Panels

With a complex board game, displaying information is a difficult UI (user interface) task. While we could easily put lots of text on the screen, we know that you (you gamer you !) don’t like that. So we have to use visuals as much as possible to display information.

Mindframe Arena UI game screen

This popup panel gives you the basic details on a Tec:

- Name
- Movement range
- Power bar rating
- Spell

You can access this from a number of screens in the game. One key design philosophy for us is to avoid cluttered screen and a ‘heavy’ UI. We see this in a lot in board and strategy game and while, it does appeal to certain players, we are not them! As much as possible, we are going for a minimal UI and displaying information only when needed. We believe this is particularly important for mobile play. If you would like to see some of the game UI in action, download our early (very early) test alpha version – Android only for now.

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