Game Names

In our regulated and legallised world, naming games and apps has become a very difficult chore. First you have to check that the name is not already trademarked as a computer game. Then you have to see if it already exists in the various app stores. Finally you have to see if the website domain is available. People still tend to search for .coms. After all that, you have to like the game name.... probably the hardest of all. As with most game developers, our game names tend to change over the life of the project. You want it as early as possible to start your marketing. However you also want it to be right. Meeshas Maze was the first name for this game. I liked the name but ultimately, it was not suitable for the type of game that we were building. After lots of head scratching and some beers (hmmm...maybe lots of beers), we agreed on Mindframe Arena.

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