Early Game Design

When you start out making a game, it is all in your head. Bit by bit, you get it written and visualised. Eventually you start to make it. This was one of our early concepts designs for choosing your Tecs. It shows a traditional attack and defense value mechanic. This is something that we abandoned quickly as it did not suit the game style. Also there were different levels of characters (Tecs). This is still in the game but is less obvious from a progression point of view. You can also see here the card influence. Again this has changed from the original design where there is now less emphasis on viewing the Tecs as cards. 

The Mindframe Arena Zones

So these are the initial Mindframe Arena zones. As you can see, each one is themed on a specific topic. This is important to the overall game story and how you progress. Each zone will have about 20 levels - we need to fix the final figure for this. There will be another inner set of zones which are going to be pretty exciting,.... cant say anymore for now

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