Mindframe Arena live on Steam

Our board battler game Mindframe Arena is now available for PC and Windows devices. You can download it now for free from Steam.

The game features unique characters call Tecs, on a unique v shaped board. Quick thinking , tactical movements and spell casting are required to win. Featuring over 100 levels, 6 worlds and 50 characters card to collect, Mindframe Arena is an ideal game to pass the time during this lengthy  lock-down time.

Smart Kids Play Video Games

Who would believe it?

A new Australian study has found a potential link between computer games and high performing academic students.  The study examined the gaming activities of over 12,000 high school students (15-year olds). It found that those who played computer games scored above average in both maths and science. Obviously, the research could not conclusively prove that playing computer games was the only factor in their higher scores. It could be that smart kids like to play video games. Also, the study did not indicate what types of video games the teenage study group were playing.

Some studies have shown that some types of computer games are better than others at getting children to think creatively and problem solve.

In particular, board games have been shown to improve children's spatial numerical understanding.  Playing board games has also been tied to improving children's cognitive processes, including and include planning, reasoning and problem solving

As with any playtime activity, it is important that children do not spend too much time on any one activity. Computer games can be addictive so it important that children’s playtime is monitored.

Overall, the research shows that moderate computer game playing (particularly board games) can be beneficial for a child’s development.


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Board Games: The Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Be they tabletop games or digital versions, board games are an ideal leisure activity for relaxation and mental stimulation. Humans have played board games for thousands of years and they are as popular as ever. The good news is that they are also beneficial for you and your children’s health.

Here are the top health benefits as listed by Health Fitness Revolution:

  • Child brain development
  • Memory formation and cognitive skills
  • Have fun and feel good
  • Family time
  • Reduces risks for mental diseases
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Speed up your responses
  • Reduce stress
  • Grows your immune system
  • Therapy treatment

The top two are most beneficial for children. Board games help young children develop many important mental skills such as critical thinking, logic analysis and spatial reasoning. They can also help develop attention skills and an increased ability to focus and concentrate.

Board games are important for improving memory formation and cognitive skills. In the brain, the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus are areas responsible for complex thought and memory formation. Playing board games benefits these areas as players need to remember and analyse past and potential future board moves.

So what are you waiting for – get playing now! If you are looking for a good board game for all the family, download Mindframe Arena. It is free to play!

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Why it is important for children to play

Just as in the animal kingdom, play forms an important part of our development from a child into an adult. Puppies and kittens play fight to learn combat and survival skills for possible real fights with other predators. Thankfully humans don’t have that survival requirement anymore, but we still play as part of our evolutionary path.

So why are conditioned to enjoy playtime so much? The author Nathan Lents lists 7 potential benefits of play:

1.) Play for establishing social rank

2.) Play for learning social rules

3.) Play as practice.

4.) Play to establish motor coordination.

5.) Play as social bonding.

6.) Play for managing stress.

7.) Play for developing certain cognitive and creative skills.

Number 7 is the crucial one for a child’s development. Playing games (including video games) is one of the activities that can help in the overall development of our brain functions. It requires a wide variety of skills including critical thinking, planning, analysis and problem-solving.

For children, it is important to have a broad range of play activities. Video games should have their place as part of a good mixture of physical and virtual play activities. Where possible, parents should also encourage their children to try out with strategic games as well as more common action and reflex games.


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Board Games: The Development Benefit for Children

What are board games so beneficial in the development of young children?

Well, it has got do with the very nature of the game. Many video games (such as shooters, racers, etc) are ‘twitch’ games. They rely on the player to react quickly to game events on the screen. Many times, it is an impulse reaction. If the other virtual car is heading for your car, you must quickly swerve to avoid it. There is not too much intellectual analysis required to drive the car the track – you see and you react immediately

A board game  involves the player moving pieces on a board according to a set of rules. Some games are based on pure strategy, while others may contain an element of chance. Games usually have a goal that a player aims to achieve. A typical board game represented a battle between two armies, where the goal is to defeat the opponent in terms of pieces, winning position, or accrual of points.

It is the strategic element of board games that is so beneficial for young players. Each move must be considered. Players are allowed time to think before they move a piece. They must weigh up the pros and cons of each potential move. They need to assess the strength and positions of their opponent’s pieces. All these activities require considerable thought and actively engages the player’s brain. This occurs for each player movement, so it gives the brain a good mental workout over the course of a full game.

Video games are often labelled as being a time-wasting, mindless leisure activity. This is not true for strategic games such as board games. A young player will only succeed in a game through careful planning, analysis, and strategic resource management. These games offer real-world education value and they are fun to play!

Mindframe Arena is loosely based on the classic board game chess. This 2000-year-old game is still popular today as it is easy to learn yet has considerable strategic depth. Rather than having a lot of pieces on the board, players only control 5 pieces at any one time. Also, the game character (pieces) design was influenced by modern movie and game culture. They are bright, colourful and appealing to younger players.

If you are looking for an intellectually demanding game for your children that is also bright, colourful and fun, you can download Mindframe Arena for free from Google Play (Android) or the Apps Store (Apple)

Apple App Store Page

Google Play Page


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Mindframe Arena: A Tactical Games for Tots

Fierce Fun launches their mobile board battler Mindframe Arena

Who would have thought that video games can help in your child’s development? Well they can as part of a ‘balanced diet’ of educational content. Irish game developer Fierce Fun have just released their digital board game Mindframe Arena - a ‘Smart and Safe’ game designed for a family friendly environment.

As games like chess be off-putting for some children, Mindframe is a great way to introduce young children to intellectually stimulating games such as board and strategy games. Based on classic board games like chess, Mindframe requires skill and strategy to play – yet it is easy and fun to learn. Research has shown that playing board games can help in the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Peter Lynch from Fierce Fun states “From showing it at game events and conventions, we found that 7 to 10-year olds really enjoyed it AND also their parents.”

Parent can rest assured with the following Smart and Safe game features:

  • No in-game chat or messaging
  • No graphic violence
  • No analytics or tracking
  • Parental purchase & social media locks

Mindframe Arena is available  as a free download on Google Play and the Apple Apps Store.

Game Description
Mindframe combines quirky characters, spell casting and one-on-one challenges - all on a unique tactical game board. Journey to the secret center of the arena by leading your faction of brave and brilliant Tecs. Each Tec comes with a powerful spell and a power bar for direct challenges. There are 6 Tec classes to collect including the ultra-rare Bionics and Primes.


  • A unique combination of board gaming, collectable cards and spell casting
  • A specially designed game board that requires strategy and skill to master

 Apple App Store Page

Google Play Page

Mindframe Arena Launch Event Details

When: 7th November 2018
Where: Bank of Ireland Workbench, Trinity College (Pearse St entrance)

6.00 Registration
6.15 Official Welcome by Fierce Fun
6.20 Guest Speaker: Damian Scattergood, STAR – When retro was real! What it was like developing classic arcade games on iconic computers such as the ZX Spectrum.
6.45 The Mindframe Story, Peter Lynch: How we made it, why we made & the day I met Gabe Newell
7.00 Playtime! Play Mindframe Arena, chat to the team and our t-shirt giveaway time

We will be heading to a local pub after – everyone is welcome to join us 🙂

The event is by invitation only. If you would like to attend, please contact: [email protected]

The Fierce Fun Team

Mindframe Arena – Launch Night 7th November

Finally, we are soft launching the Android version of Mindframe Arena next month

It will in the Bank of Ireland Workbench located in Trinity College. Date and time :  7th November @ 6pm

Living up to our name Fierce Fun, we will be having a fun filled launch do with the Irish gaming community (journalists, bloggers, streamers, YouTubers, developers and more). Besides getting to know and play Mindframe Arena before anyone else, we will have some guest speakers, giveaways and grub!...  not bad for a Wednesday evening

So if you are a game streamer, writer or just love to yap about games online, drop us a line via Facebook/Twitter and we will send you an invite (numbers are limited !)

Mindframe Arena at Wexworlds

Last weekend, we headed down to a sci-fi conference in Wexford called Wexworlds. We thought the name was related to the sci-fi tv series Westworld but no – they had named it Wexworlds a long time ago. So what is Wexworlds … well it started out as a convention for sci-fi writers and now it is a more general event. It is hosted in the National Opera House in the centre of Wexford town – located in the sunny south east of Ireland… or so they say.

The event caters for sci-fi, fantasy, tabletop, comic and game fans so lots of different talks, exhibitions and shows going on. The organisers were very supportive of the Irish indie gaming community and provided a number of desks for game devs who wished to show their wares. We were showing the beta of Mindframe Arena and we received great feedback from the many young players who tried the game on the day

We will be back next year and would encourage any sci-fi fans or game devs to check it out. Highly recommended!

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